How to Prepare for Group discussion - GD

How to Prepare for Group discussion – GD

Group Discussion is a process of sharing/exchanging of ideas. A GD could be done on any topic related to any field. It only requires a group of members for a discussion.

Group Discussion is considered as first phase in any interview of company, so as to minimize the no. of candidates for the personal interview. Get more updates on It is conducted to check the skills and confidence of an individual and to determine leadership quality in a person.

Guidelines for Preparation of GD (group Discussion):

1.) Please maintain the eye to eye contact with the members participating in group discussion. Participate completely in a discussion without any fear of the evaluators.

2.) Innovate yourself as a leader of the discussion by giving chance to everyone to put their thoughts into consideration.

3.) Their should be clarity and conciseness in every word, an individual speak. Please clarify your point of discussion to let everybody understand instead of ambiguity statement.

4.) Never talk in arrogance or ill- mannered way in discussion which may reflect bad behavior of an individual.

5.) Also participate in discussion as a best listener.

6) Casual wearing is not allowed at the time of any phase of interview.

7.) Individual should show their interest in discussion by having a note of every point through pen and paper.

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