CBSE Supplementary Material for Class 11 and 12 PDF

CBSE Supplementary Material for Class 11 and 12

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Supplementary material is very useful to prepare for the examination. Students have to prepare with the reference of this material and they will able to obtain good marks. CBSE conducts the supplementary examination in the month of early august.

The given pattern is sufficient for getting good marks which is given below. Those students are not able to give the examination in the main examination or sick in the exam duration, they can give the supplementary examination in the month of august.

For 11th class:

Those Students who are in the 11thclass, they have need for this material because they just qualify their 10th examination and this is the better chance to increase the marks and knowledge level.

There are three subject in the 11th class:

1. Physics

There are some basic topic,comes in the physics subject that is:

·         Errors in Measurement systems
·         Speed of a wave motion

·         Unit 4
§  Motion in a vertical circle
§  Elastic & inelastic collision in two dimensions
§  Non-conservative forces

·         Unit 7
§  Poisson’s Ratio
§  Elastic energy
§  Critical Velocity
§  Relation of C between p & v
§  Black body radiation

2. Chemistry

There are some topic comes under the chemistry subject:

       ·         State of matter
§  Kinetic Energy & Molecular Speeds
§  Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution of molecular speeds
      ·         Thermodynamics
§  Second Law of Thermodynamics
§  Third Law of Thermodynamics
§  Equilibrium systems
§  Ph value of Buffer solutions

3. Mathematics

There are some topic comes under the mathematics mention below:

         ·         Trigonometric Functions
§  Law of sine & cosine
         ·         Complex Numbers & Quadratic Equations
§  Square-root of a complex number
         ·         Sequences & Series
§  Sum to infinity of a G.P. topic
         ·         Straight Line
§  Shifting of origin systems
         ·         Limits & Derivatives
§  Some important limits

For 12th Class:

The 12thstudents have some knowledge about the supplementary examination and there are some information available in the given below which is related to the syllabus of the examination.

There are three subject in 12th:

1. Physics

·         Unit 6
§  Combination of lens and mirror
·         Unit 9
§  Characteristics of a light emitting diode

2. Chemistry

·         Chemistry in everyday life

§  Antioxidants systems

3. Mathematics

·         Continuity & Differentiation

§  Derivatives of logarithmic and exponentials.

        ·         Integrals

·         Vector Algebra & Scalar Triple Product

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