Cbse class 10th examination pattern and sample paper2013 to 2014 - Recruitment 2022-23 Notification

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Jun 11, 2013

Cbse class 10th examination pattern and sample paper2013 to 2014

(a)       The bird was flying over/in the __________ .
(i)      buildings
(ii)     sky
(iii)    mountain
(iv)     sea

(b)       The grown ups were interested in  __________ .
(i)      killing the bird
(ii)     selling the bird
(iii)    eating the bird
(iv)    having the skin and feathers of the bird

 (c)      The person shot the bird through the _________ .
(i)      breast
(ii)     head
(iii)    feathers
(iv)    green chest

(d)       The people did not like the feathers because they were _______ .
(i)      of no use
(ii)     too big
(iii)    strange and not very pleasant
(iv)    pleasant

(e)       ‘outlandish’ in the above context means _______ .
(i)      uncanny
(ii)     familiar
(iii)    strange          
(iv)    beautiful

Section - B
(Writing – 20 Marks)

Q4.  Your school is planning to organize a grand function on the National Girl Child               ( 4 Marks)
Day. Draft a notice in about 50 words informing the students about the function. Invent all other necessary details. You are Ram/Rosita, Cultural Secretary.

Q5.  Given below is a profile of Ms Poonam Seth. Write a short sketch of her, in about         ( 6 Marks)
100 words with the help of clues given below :
Birth                             :    Delhi, rich family
Age, etc                      :    35, beautiful, smart, agile
Family                         :  married, handsome husband, Director in a company, one school going
                   daughter, joint family
Likes and Dislikes   :    keen reader of The Ramayan, discharges duties sincerely, good daughter-
     in-law and daughter, loves movie and watch a new movie every Friday.
Hobbies                      :    dancing and gardening

Q6. You visited the Water Park in your city as a part of school excursion. You noticed that  ( 7 Marks)
the water was not clean and also had a stale smell which could result in many water borne diseases. Taking idea from the unit; Health and your own ideas, write a letter in about 120 words to the editor of a local newspaper on your experience on visiting the place and how the polluted water would affect the visitors. Include the precautions that should be taken in the Water Park. You are Neeta / Nitin .

Q7.  You are an avid reader and would like to address the students in the library class on   ( 8 Marks)
“The Joy Of Reading”. Prepare your speech taking help form the following points along with your own ideas in not more than 150 words.

Joy of reading - wide variety of books – informative, interesting, colourful – library has silence all around – can pick up any book that we desire – can get to know the writers through their books – pleasure of having our own books is incomparable

Section - C
(Grammar – 20 Marks)

Q8.   Edit the following passage by choosing the correct option from the options given      (4 Marks)
In 1911, the British (a) ________  their capital from Calcutta (b) ________ Delhi. After the First World War, (c) ________  government got down to the task of (d) ________  a new capital. Two renowned architects, Sir Edwin Lutyen and Sir Herbert Baker (e) ________  assigned the task of  (f) ________  Delhi. The India Gate was (g) ________  to immortalize the 85,000 soldiers (h) ________  died in World War II .

(a)     (i) shift                                                (ii) shifts
(iii) shifting                                          (iv) shifted

(b)     (i) to                                                     (ii) at
(iii) in                                                     (iv) on

(c)     (i) an                                                     (ii) the
(iii) a                                                      (iv) all

(d)     (i) building                                           (ii) build
(iii) built                                                (iv) builds

(e)     (i) was                                                   (ii) were
(iii) will be                                             (iv) should

(f)     (i) designs                                             (ii) design
(iii) designing                                        (iv) designed

(g)     (i) build                                                  (ii) built
                  (iii) building                                          (iv) builds                                                              

 (h)   (i) which                                                 (ii) who
(iii) whom                                              (iv) that

Q9.  Read the notes given below and complete the paragraph that follows with the          ( 4 Marks)
help of given options :
Sir Issac Newton
Birth                             :   in 1642 on Christmas day
Residence                 :   in a small village of Woolsthrope, Lincolnshire
Parents                       :   father died, mother remarried a clergyman
Guardian                    :   his good old grandmother, kind, sent him to school
First achievement  :   set of little tools, saws of various sizes manufactured
Next step                   :   made many strange articles

Sir Issac Newton (a) ________  on Christmas day in Woolsthrope, a small village in Lincolnshire. His mother remarried after (b) ________. Newton (c) ________  by his good old grandmother. As a boy, his first achievement was (d) ________ .

(a)     (i) was born                                                                   (ii) was birth
(iii) is birth                                                                      (iv) is born

(b)     (i) the death of his father                                            (ii) the dead of his mother
(iii) the marriage of his mother                                   (iv) the death of her father

(c)     (i) is brought                                                                   (ii) was brought up
(iii) was brought                                                              (iv) is bring up

(d)     (i) preparing a new set of tools                                    (ii) was prepared a new set of tools
(iii) is prepared a new set of tools                                (iv) still prepared a new of tools

Q10.   The following paragraph has not been edited. There is one error in lines.                  ( 4 Marks)
Write the incorrect word along with the correct word in your answer sheet. The first one has been done as an example :

                                                                                                       Incorrect Word        Correct Word
Three men was once going on                                                             was                            were
a long journey. As luck will have it                                   (a)         ________           ___________
they come across a bag full of                                          (b)         ________           ___________
gold pieces. They were beside                                          (c)         ________           ___________
themselves with joyful and decided                                (d)         ________           ___________
to divide the money equal. But the                                 (e)         ________           ___________
long and tiring journey has made                                     (f)         ________           ___________
them hungry. So, they decide to eat something          (g)         ________           ___________
and then divided the money.                                            (h)         ________           ___________

Q11. Rearrange the following words and phrases to make meaningful sentences.     (1x4=  4 Marks)

(a)       stories / loved / my grandfather / telling / me
(b)       used / celebrated / his birthday / differently / to be
(c)       distribute sweets / instead of / they / cutting a cake / used to
(d)       blow out / but / used to / they / we / candles / light a lamp

Q12.  Read the conversation given below and complete the paragraph that follows :       ( 4 Marks)

Veena         :   Did you watch the IPL Cricket match yesterday?
Megha         :   No.
Veena         :   You should have watched. The Deccan Chargers played very well.
Megha         :   I will surely watch their next match. Isn’t it on this Friday?
Veena         :   Yes, it is.

Veena asked Megha (a) ________. Megha replied (b) ________ . Veena told her that she should have watched as (c) ________. Megha assured her that she would watch the next match and asked (d) ________ . Veena confirmed that it was on Friday.

Section - D
(Literature – 25 Marks)

Q13.    A. Read the extract and answer the following questions by choosing the         (1X3= 3 Marks)
most appropriate options.

     ‘Well, poor bird – she should have known
                    That your song must be your own
                    That’s why I sing with panache
                    ‘Koo-oh-ah! Ko-ash! Ko-ash!
                     And the foghorn of the frog
                     Blared unrivalled through the bog.

(a)      Why is the nightingale referred to as a poor bird?
(i)     because she was a poor bird
(ii)    because she had no money
(iii)    because she did not understand the cunningness of the frog
(iv)    because she should be pitied

(a)      Why did the frog make her sing with all her might?
(i)     he was cunning
(ii)    he wanted to kill her
(iii)    As she did not practice
(iv)    so that he could attract the audience back

(a)      Which trait of the frog’s character is reflected here?
(i)     Cunning
(ii)    Meanness
(iii)    Jealousy
(iv)    All of the above

B.  Read the given extract and answer the following questions.                        (1x3 = 3 Marks)
“Ms Mebbin had a protective elder sister like attitude towards money.”

(a)     Who was Ms Mebbin?
(b)     How did she adopt an elder sister like attitude?
(c)     How did she prove in the end that she was a money-minded lady?

C.  Read the given extract and answer the following questions.                        (1x3 = 3 Marks)
“Aye, you both say that because of what I’ve told about leaving my money. Well, since, you don’t want me I’ll go to someone that does.”

(a)     Identify the speaker.
(b)     Why is the speaker insisting on going somewhere?
(c)     What does the decision of the speaker say about him?

Q14.    Answer any FOUR of the following questions in about 30-40 words each.         (2X4=8 Marks)
1.                   Why does the mirror call itself, ‘not cruel but only truthful’?
2.                   Ali had lost the zeal to do anything else except to come to the post office and wait for his name to be announced. Comment.
3.                   How will the living record of the memory remain according to the poet in ‘Not marble, nor the Gilded Monuments’ ?
4.                   Why does Mrs Slater ask Victoria to go upstairs? How does Vicky react ?
5.                   What all odd jobs were the two boys ready to do in ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’ ?

Q15.      Answer the following in about 150 words :                                                                       (8 Marks)
              Imagine yourself to be the narrator of the story, ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’.  Write a letter
              to one of your friends to contribute some money to aid the  treatment of Lucia.
As the Owl of Sandwich who had attended all the concerts of the nightingale, write a diary
              entry about the untimely death of the beautiful singer, the way she was used by the frog for
              making money and her sad state . Write a diary entry expressing your feelings about the

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