TET Paper 2014-15 1 & 2 Model Question – TET Exam Sample Paper

TET Paper 2014-15 1 & 2 Model Question – TET Exam Sample Paper

Teacher Eligibility Test is going to conduct by CBSE and other state authorities in the coming months. In that case, the candidates are looking forward the model questions or the questions which have already been asked in the examination so as to make a blueprint of their preparation. Get more update on . Here, we have posted some of the questions that were asked in CTET Paper 1. Take a look on the following questions.

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Questions asked in Paper 1:

Part 1.Child Development and Pedagogy 

Quest1. The following three aspects of intelligence are dealt by Sternberg's triarchic theory except 

 (1) componential
(2) Social
(3) Experiential
(4) Contextual

Quest2.A teacher wishes to help her students to appreciate multiple views of a situation. She provides her students multiple opportunities to debate on this situation in different groups. According to Vygotsky's perspective, her students will various· views and develop multiple perspectives of the situation on their own. 

(1) Internalize
(2) Construct
(3) Operationalize
(4) Rationalize 

Part 2. Mathematics

Quest1. Which one of the following is not correct? 

(1) 56.7 kilogram= 5670 grams
(2) A ·cube has six faces.
(3) One millimeter= 0.1 cm
(4) 0.10 is same as 0.1 

Quest2. The speed of a boat in a river is 20 km per hour and the speed of another boat is 23 km per hour. They travel in the same direction from the same place at the same time. The distance between the boats after three and half hours is

(1)10 km
(2) 10.5 km
(3) 11 km
(4) 11.5km 

Part 3.Environmental Studies

Quest1. Select the correct statements about elephant herd:

A. An elephant herd has· mainly females and baby elephants up to 14-15 years old.
B. An elephant herd comprises members of a particular family.
C. The oldest female is the leader of the herd.
D. An elephant herd may accommodate any· number of female elephant and the young ones

Quest2. National Curriculum Framework, 2005 strongly · recommends that teaching of EVS at primary stage should primarily aim at 

(1) Developing understanding of basic concepts of the subject.
(2) Memorizing basic principles of the subject.
(3) Linking classroom learning to life outside the school.
(4) Acquiring skills to carry out experiments independently

Part 4.Language –I English

Quest1. A learner's competence in English will improve when she/he receives or______ of learning experience that is appropriate. 

(1) An equal level
(2) A slightly higher level
(3) A range of levels
(4) A slightly easier, lower level 

Quest2. What is wrong with the following multiple choice question? Tick the most appropriate: 

The Metro theatre is located __ _ LodhiRoad. 

(a) over (b) At (c) Beside (d) Behind

(1) All answers are wrong
(2) Two are wrong
(3) The statement is not correctly framed
(4) 'Over' is the correct answer 

Part 5.Language –II English

Quest1.A 'listening stimulus' 

(1) Presents input to separate groups of students who gather again to share what they listened.
(2) Presents an information ' gap activity such as giving directions.
(3) Is listening to a good commentary to review it.
(4) Enables students to discuss a set of criteria which they prioritize to complete and present a task. 

Quest2. Curriculum development follows the following sequence: 

(1) Formulation of objectives, assessment of needs, selection of texts/learning experiences, evaluation
(2) Selection of texts/learning experiences, assessment of needs, formulation of objectives, evaluation
(3) Assessment of needs, formulation of objectives, selection of texts/learning experiences, evaluation
(4)Formulation of objectives, assessment of needs, evaluation, selection of texts/learning experiences

NOTE: Candidates who have opted the Hindi as Language I and Language II may take their paper in the same, here we have not provided the Hindi language questions. For this and more sample paper, applicants should download the following file.

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